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Intake & Injector Runners for 20B


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I heard that someone was able to purchase an intake from Mistral. I haven't had such luck.


Anyone aware of alternative resources (or their source?)

I have my engine mount (CG) and PSRU. Just trying to collect parts as I go along.


I haven't decided yet if I'll do the rebuild or have Bruce Turrentine do it for me. His work is hard to beat.

T Mann - Loooong-EZ/20B Infinity R/G Chpts 18

Velocity/RG N951TM

Mann's Airplane Factory

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Chris Barber has a mistral intake on his 13B in his velocity, he should be able to get you the info.


i saw them at osh and didn't like the prise tag 2800? plus injector's. so i'll just do my own. i still need to remove my 20 from its box:o

Steve M. Parkins

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Yes, it is me that has the Mistral intake, however, even though they got it here pretty fast and the unit is really nicely done, they always made it seem as if we were a mild annoyance. I have had the unit for a few years now and I may have just been lucky and got in a window when they wanted to please the experimental market and/or toying with the idea but decided we would be a distraction from certification.


They kinda have an attitude as if they have the well proven and established company that does not need to be bothered by the little guy. I have always been confused by their marketing as it would seem to me if they had components installed on flying airplanes it would help establish them in the aviation community. Also, the price for the non-certified engine seems too much. Again, it would seem to be in a much more competitive price point would help get them in flying planes and support their efforts down the road. I understand that development is expensive and I applaud their efforts, however, if you don't become trusted in the market by actually flying you will never recover the investment. You are prone to be just another good idea that turns into vapor.:sad:


I understand that they are focusing on getting the engine certified but as of right now they are not, even though they are charging certified prices, even though they can only currently be installed in EXPERIMENTAL craft.


Also, they did not provide any documentation, which may have given me a heads up as to my current issue of getting coolant in the rotor housing (I originally thought I blew the oil rings in a second engine, but now it seems as if coolant was coming in from around the intake...on this and the previous engine). On this note, they also did not provide any tech support at all....however, to be fair, we knew that going in but did expect some basic documentation.


All that being said, I am really happy with the intake itself. I could not have made it with the skill level I had then. NOW, that I have seen a proper unit, it may not be as difficult (ok, I still do not have the skill, but I have a much better understanding ). I would try to place the injectors in a bit different position as not to stick out so much and cause interference with the turbo.


All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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