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Long-EZ share in the UK

Jon Matcho

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I received this via email from Bill Allen, a member here. I am not the seller, nor do I have any interest or further knowledge of the aircraft or details. Please direct all questions to Bill.


Hi Group,


My Hangar mate has a beautiful LongEz on which he has lavished thousands having a complete rebuild new paint, interior, engine (Rolls Royce 0-240) and it looks great. It was also build great, and flys great. Constructed by Don Foreman, who built a Vari before it, and a Defiant after it.


Problem is, my buddy Brian also bought a Defiant on which he has done the same "showplane" job, and now the poor old LongEz gets no attention apart from polishing. He swings between "I'll sell it!" and "No, I'll keep it and fit a glass panel one day" but the net result is that it doesn't get used.


I could use it, but what with having my LongEz over in FL, and having all the development work on the EZ Diesel to do here in the UK, I haven't got time.


Then it occurred to me - there may well be someone in the US who would like a share in a UK based LongEz so that they could enjoy some European flying adventures. They would even get hangarage in an all Ez hangar, and a Tour Guide (me) to give the inside track on all the mysteries of 'Yurpean aviation (not much different to the US if you speak English)


When he was last talking of selling it, $50,000 was the price, so I guess shares would be based on that.


Just a thought, as having an Ez in the US works for me, so it may suit someone else the other way around, and I'd be sorry to see it get sold to an uninvolved owner.




Bill Allen

LongEz 160 N99BA KLNA

LongEzDiesel G-LEZE EGBJ


Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
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