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Rear seat shoulder harness attach


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Hello all,


I am beginning work on the centersection spar for my Long-EZ. I want to change from the plans shoulder harness attach method so that the attach points are closer together.

What is the "ideal" spacing for the shoulder harness attach points? I remember reading this in one of the CP's or CSA newsletters but now I'm having trouble locating the info.

Also, can anyone tell me what the Cozy Mk IV method is for the attach point in the spar, i.e. spruce dimension and layup dimension and schedule?




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Well, I found part of what I was looking for in Cozy plans changes from newsletters #50 and #59. Looks like the shoulder harness spacing s/b 8.50" maximum.

Now if someone wouldn't mind sharing with me the method that the MkIV plans show for the wood type and size and layup schedule for the centersection shoulder harness attach points.



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