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Cozy MkIV Wings and Spar for sale

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Selling a partially completed Cozy MkIV Wings, Aelerons, Winglets, and Spar.


Also selling separately, fuselage, canard, engine cowling, and Ken Brock parts. See other auctions at: http://www.canardzone.com/forum/showthread.php?p=25771#post25771 and http://www.canardzone.com/forum/showthread.php?p=25773#post25773


Asking $1200, or best offer. Buyer pays shipping, or you can pick up in Alexandria, VA, 22312.


Email me at: Cozyparts [at] yahoo.com



- Chapter 14 Center Section Spar - complete and match drilled to wings

- Chapter 19 Wings and Aelerons - requires finishing (see notes below)

- Chapter 20 Winglets - requires final finishing, rudders not yet cut out, not yet attached to wings



A couple Notes:

  • I did not build this aircraft, I bought it from another builder to get a few select parts, which I've kept. The buyer needs to carefully follow the plans to ensure these parts are completed and installed correctly.
  • Internal antennas and coax cable installed.
  • Wings & winglets were built with MGS 285 epoxy, spar appears to have been made with EZ-pozy and MGS.
  • Upper and lower winglets are not attached to the wings
  • The original builder made the wings and spar to plans, but then decided to make the strakes thicker. To match the wings and spar to thicker strakes, he went back and microed a tapered 5/8" foam strip to the wing roots, and glassed over them with 2 plies UNI. You probably don't want thicker strakes, so you would need to scrape or cut off this extra foam glass strip. (To my knowledge, the wings and spar were made to plans and all the required layups are completed underneath this extra strip.
  • Spar built with reinforcement layups required for Infinity Retracts (not included)
  • Some water stains, dirt on the glass, needs to be cleaned
  • The buyer needs to add reinforceing layups around the wing bolt access holes

I'm offering these for a low price as it will require a some work by the buyer. Since the materials and epoxy for the spar alone cost around $1,000, so this should be a great deal.


Disclaimer: I did not build these items, and make no warrantees or claims regarding their suitability for any purpose. The buyer should carefully inspect them and if used for any purpose, carefully follow any plans and instructions for their use. The buyer assumes all risk and liability for the use of these items.






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