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Long EZ RG project For Sale


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It is with great regret that have to part with my Long EZ RG project, I purchased this project last year in hopes of staying busy during a slowing economy. To my suprise I am actually bussier than I could have imagined and have not had the time to put into it, that it deserves.:sad:

I will do my best to accuratly describe it in the most detail possible, I'm sure that I will miss something, so please if you have a questions please ask. I will rspond in a timely manner.

The fusalage is complete and on the gear as are the wings, vert stabs, alerons, rudders and elevators, although the rudders and alerons are not mounted, the canopy is complete and mounted. Canard is complete. There are three upgrade kits that will go with the aircraft, the first is a real neat toe brake set-up that is mocked-up, but not completed. the other two kits are bearing sets for the aleron torque tube and the alerons themself. A Dynafolcal engine mount for Lycoming 0-320 or 0-360 in included.

The retractable gear system is a modified Steve Drybread system and is installed and working staticaly, it still requires the hydraulic cylinder, pump, wiring and plumbing. There are two sets of plans on complete record set and one seperated by chapter for a "shop set". I will be listing this on e-bay in the coming week with a starting bid of $7500, I am located in the Northeast (Boston area). I have a good deal of pictures available upon request.

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I purchased this project from the widow of the original builder, located on Long Island. From the research that I have done the the original airframe was built back in the mid to late 80's and a has sat in a hanger since then.



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Yes, I believe they are, as this system is very similar to the system used on the Velocity, additionally I believe there vendors available to purchase the hydraulic pump and cylindar.The wiring and contols are "off the shelf" items, as diagramed and explaned in the installation manual.

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