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Canopy latch system

Big Steve

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Al Wick asked to post this so everyone could see it. Steve


Bunch of little cool things about this design:

1) Not shown, but microswitch placed behind cam is only tripped if canopy is

actually latched. So no false trigger is possible.

2) The springs hold cams below flush, so no more ripped pants.

3) Just before opening latch, spring load approaches infinity (well, you

know...sorta). So little risk of opening under pressure.

4) I can close canopy with it un cammed (unlatched). That allows me to use

car trunk latch to lock canopy at night.


Note that wide area washer at seat back. That's essential, as seat back is

pretty flimsy.


Posted Image

Steve Harmon

Lovin Life in Idaho

Cozy IV Plans #1466 N232CZ


Working on Chapter 19,21

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