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Torsional Layups

John D. Wages

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OK!, I'm working on the Main gear torsional layup, and was about to cut my uni strips. Looking at the plans, we're suppose to cut these at 30 degrees from the selvage. My uni is 38" wide. If I cut it at 30 degress, that will give me an overall length for that one piece of 80" give or take. The plans tell us to start the layup in the middle of the strut and work your way out to the ends. If you start at the middle with one end of the fiberglass, it's pretty obvious that this strip will be much too long. Are other builders cutting this lengthy piece in half, or am I missing something in the translation?

Best Regards,

John D. Wages

N694CZ (reserved)


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I don't recall starting in the middle of the strut and can't see any reason to do it that way versus just starting at one end, however, if there is excess UNI, cut it off and use it to start or finish another layer. Keep the fibers parallel and butt two pieces together.


Helps to draw a centerline down the dry strips, too.


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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