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Velocity Inspection


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call me crazy but why don't you call Velocity?


Velocity, Inc.

200 W. Airport Dr.

Sebastian, FL 32958


For sales inquiries please contact:

Don Hauck, Executive Vice-President, Sales

Toll-Free: (877) 766-8222


For general inquiries, and parts orders:

Phone: (772) 589-1860

Fax: (772) 589-1893


Velocity E-mail Addresses:

info@velocityaircraft.com General questions

demos@velocityaircraft.com scheduling demo rides

flighttraining@velocityaircraft.com Velocity Flight Transition Training

kitsales@velocityaircraft.com Information on purchasing a kit

maintenance@velocityaircraft.com Scheduling maintenance on your Velocity

parts@velocityaircraft.com Ordering parts

support@velocityaircraft.com Builder Support

manuals@velocityaircraft.com Questions/Comments on the Builders manual

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Orginally I wasn't sure how much the guy that was selling it knew about it and what his involvement with Velcocity was. But now I know that the guy selling it IS a guy you want to buy a partially completed Velocity from. He is very upfront, truthful, and helpful. He is probably the only person, other than Velocity, you would want an opinion on an airframe from.

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