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longez basic weight differences per builder


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I have been following builders for longez type airplanes. Seems as though the finished weight of these are all over the map.

My question is the weight of the complete airframe (stock)

Can someone with experience help me answer?

excluding anything bolted to the firewall aft

and excluding anything on the panel (just blank)

what would the weight of a complete long ez ready to fly except the above


weight guess (............) with amateur builder no carbon no vacuum bag

weight guess (............) middle of the road builder no carbon/vacuum bag

weight guess (............)weight guess experienced builder no carbon/vacuum



I am trying to figure out where all the weight differences is going with all these different builders before the engine and the avionics.........

thanks in advance for any help putting this to rest for me tom

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My guess is the extra weight is FRU-FRU.


My WAG is a LongEZ built by a carefull builder with NO fru-fru, An O-235, with minimum instruments and electrical, and minimum filler and paint, Probably 750 lbs.


I don't think you would see a 25 - 50 lb savings between an average builder and someone who Vac Bagged.



So, Where the extra 200 lbs come from?


Filler and finish, electrical system, radios, instruments, oxygen tanks, larger engines, larger batteries, etc.



F16 performance on a Piper Cub budget

LongEZ, 160hp, MT CS Prop, Downdraft cooling, Full retract

visit: www.iflyez.com

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