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Prop dimensions


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Dear all the question has surely been asked before (did not find it with the search function).

What is the best (max) prop dimension usable in a VE.

The VE & LE POH state 58 inch but it seems that most people have larger props (my Long, which I did not build has a 62inch Prop).

Now is the 58inch limit due to ground clearence or more to the max rev. Rutan wanted to run his prop??




Cosy Classic flying (ex LX-ACE)

Varieze N39JC rebuilding

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Can't tell for sure on other Canards, but my Cozy is fitted with a 70" x 80"


All built as per plans. not the prop :-)

I live in my own little world! but its OK, they know me here!

Chris Van Hoof, Johannesburg, South Africa operate from FASY (Baragwanath)

Cozy Mk IV, ZU-CZZ, IO-360 (200hp) 70x80 prop

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