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Wicks and ACS Shipping MGS epoxy


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I received two shipments yesterday and just wanted to confirm and update some facts going on the forum(s) months ago.


It's true what I previously read about ACS being able to slip under the HAZMAT radar with a single shipment of 1 gallon resin, 2 quarts hardner (F & S).


ACS shipped me the stuff with some other minor things, 24 lbs. for $17.98shipping from Peachtree, GA to Detroit, MI (760 miles).


Wicks shipped me the same epoxy except the resin and hardners were in separate hazmat boxes and bagged sealed inside the main box. Hazmat stickers on the outside....jeeze. 18 lbs. for $33.00 shipped from Highland, IL to Detroit, MI (525 miles).


Note: Both ordered same day, both received same day, both UPS ground.

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