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HELP Needed - Landing Gear Aluminum Extrusions Sizes?


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:confused: G'day all


I have discovered that the Terf CD does not have the size of the 2" X 2" X 1/4" landing gear aluminum extrustions in Chapter 5. The Canard Pusher tells builders to use the "Full-Size" template from Chapter 9 page 3. the problem here is my plans are printed on 8 1/2" X 11" paper not the size the origional plans used.


Does anybody have the sizes or better yet a full size scanned drawing of page 9-3? The sizes would also be helpful so I can verify the tempate is correct.


Thanks in advance! ;)



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Forget all that.

Break out your Open-EZ templates, or better*, an original set of Long-EZ templates; refer to page A5, which as you know shows the details of the gear brackets and surrounding fuselage structure. Assuming your fus is, or will be, built to plans, craft your gear attach brackets to fit/match you’re A5 drawings. Couple of important things to check here before you break out the hacksaw and files:

1. On the Open-EZ templates, at least for the purposes of this thread, forget about using the added “scale dimensions” along the bottom and side of the page to check for scale accuracy, rather, CHECK THE SCALE ACCUARCY OF TEMPLATE PAGE A5 BY CHECKING THE MEASUREMANTS BETWEEN THE F.S. AND W.L. NUMBERS, AND CHECKING THE MEASUREMANTS OF THE OTHER COMPONET POSITION DEMNSIONS INDICATED. On my printed Open-Ez templates, the plan W.L. and F.S. and EVERY OTHER dimension checked “DEAD-NUTS, PERFECT, RIGHT-ON-THE-MONEY, doesn’t get any better than that!” While the so-called added scale dimensions are off by ¼” and 1/8” respectively. This means if your templates are to scale, you can lay your 2x2 extrusion in place on the page and its width will be EXACTLY as drawn. Mine did.

2. Figure out where your AN6-80A holes will be drilled on the brackets (remember their centers are 0.4” higher than plans per the CPs )

3. Use the “full scale"drawings in chapter 9 as “shape” guide lines only, with the 0.4” move in the AN6-80A hole placement and the material equidistance called for around the holes, the finished bracket won’t look exactly like the chapter 9 drawing anyway. You can use the A5 template to figure the original W.L height of your AN6-80A bolt. The top or your upper longeron is W.L. 23. Again remember, the CP’s call for those AN6 holes to move up 0.4”. Confirm this finished elevation using W.L. 23. as a bench march. And remember, don’t run your 15 ply bid pads up any higher than W.L. 12.35 (look for that little note on A5) If you fabricate and install your brackets per plan and CP, the W.L.12.35 caution is a non-issue for the brackets, but still applies to the 15-ply bid pads at the aft or larger bracket though.


Hope this helps




* Note for Jon: "Better", only because the user didn’t have to drive to Kinko’s and put out 40 bucks to print them out. :cool:

Airspeed is Life -

:cool: - Having lots of it

is Better!

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