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  1. It's already been 14 years since this life-changing post landed, any Open-Ez projects initiated from it flying yet?
  2. Hey Tom Missed runnng into you at Osh11, no plans to return until my OEz is completed, if ever. But a good friend of mine is going again. PM me if you’re interested in making a very good new Long Ez-leaning new acquaintance in the SoCal area. I’ll pass along contact info, you guys can take it from there. Hat
  3. Welcome to the CZ, Joe.. Nice Job! Your project's turned into a beautiful Long-Ez - - Congratulations! Looking forward to the updates.. Hat
  4. Yes. No change to the bottom, save a 4th Berkut plans detail incorporation change I forgot to include above in that the air brake and its hinge connection sub assembly is Berkut. The electric actuator is attached to the back of the front seat bulkhead using the CF plate detail James Redmon posted on 13's Blog. Firewall fwd to 5-inches aft of the pitot, the bottom is virtually flat. If ever I discover the veneer proves to be a WTF call, all that's nessessary is shave it off to original existing structure and refinish. The Strakes will bond per plans glass-to-glass to the original fuse sides. There's a small weight gain, but it will be less than other simular design goals being done out there. The canopy is aft hinged and the bubble tips in 15 inches forward of plans. Simular to the Cozy, room for gloves, paper map manipulation, future HUD etc. Cockpit is veri-comfy and forward vis over the nose for the elevation of my eyes above the longerons is a good as it can get. Hat
  5. Just the nose. Shape attained and carried aft with a Divinycell/uni veneer 3/4" deep (at the crown) to nothing at top and bottom longerons. Hat
  6. I picked up a set years ago. Great investment IMO. So far, three elements of influence from the Berkut plans have made it into my Open-Ez project: 1. Forward bulkhead profile. 2. Firewall profile. 3. Canopy hinge general profile. Personally, I like the look and lines of the Berkut's fuselage. Nose to tail, it's more rounded than the long-Ez. But it's not symmetrically circular, closer to the shape of an apple than a baseball looking at them straight down the nose. I carried the shape all the way back to the firewall. I got my cowls from D.R., so the firewall choice works perfectly. I used the general size and shape of the Berkut canopy hinges presented in the plans but I made them from CF and foam left over from the floor. Works great, looks pretty good too. Hat
  7. I think I started this thread the day before the CZ entered what we all know turned out to be a 5 year black-out. So it took some time to see Kent’s reply J The hole repair needed on the tub of my second Long-Ez project hasn’t been performed yet, but as a follow on to this thread, I have spoken with a few folks over recent years concerning how to do it. Like many of us still building and happen to reside more than a 1000 miles afar of Oshkosh, going to AirVenture every year just isn’t practical. I think making at least one build-era-pilgrimage to Oshkosh is worth doing and Osh-11 was the one for me for a few reasons. First, as just about everyone knows, Osh-11 served in part to celebrate Burt’s career and mark the year of his official retirement. Second, there were a lot of other Canardians, builders in particular, from this forum going that I wanted to meet personally. So we went. While there, I ran into Terry S. and Gary H. while they were conducting an interesting group discussion and line inspection of some of the grazing Canards parked on the grass. After everyone dispersed, I introduced myself and described the project and the retractable boarding step hole that came with it. Terry explained in essence, the longerons are important structural elements and though used as hard points for mechanical attachments, shouldn’t be fully compromised, ever. Ref the photo above: (The hole drilled in the left side of the tub is flush to the interior floor and the aft face of the IP. The hole left the longeron nearly severed with only about 20% of the spruce intact along the bottom edge) Terry and Gary both graciously suggested a fix: IIRC, They suggested to further remove the existing longeron material sloped at approx’ 60-degrees-to-daylight on both sides of the hole. Flox-in a shaped to fit replacement length of with-the-grain spruce, followed by a standard glass repair of affected areas as needed. Lots of work and will probably be what I do when the time comes. It was great meeting both of them and I fully appreciated the generosity of their time and in-put. For the sake of relighting an old thread. I’d personally appreciate hearing some qualified opinions, from a structural perspective, what limitations should be adhered to regarding penetrations and mechanical attachments to the longerons, Long-Ez in particular? What should we avoid? What degree of material compromise of the longeron/s would be cause to ground the plane for structural reasons? As Kent pointed out, these little birds are pretty strong and there are lots of big holes cut in the sides of some. Hat
  8. Very, very, Cool! Thanks Jon, I know it's been a long haul for you uncovering the old hive, but I expect all the regular Bees will again soon be abuzz once the word gets out.. The Zone is back! Hat
  9. I picked up an old abandoned project a few years ago. The original builder was an engineer and to my eye the workmanship and his attention to detail on the tub and spar reflects that. Then, there is the hole that was punched into the left lower side of the fuselage for a retractable step. The hole virtually severs the lower left longeron on the aft or cockpit side of the IP. I haven’t seen a plan for the flush/retractable step but I personally wouldn’t place it clean thru an unreinforced longeron the way this hole was positioned and drilled even if it was called out that way. This longeron needs to be/will be repaired. Any input? Anyone have details for the flush/retract step mod? My Open-EZ project had to be put on hold for more then a year but work was resumed in December. When I get my Open project caught up or close to the other OEs in progress on the board, I’ll try to bring these two up together. Feels good to be back in the shop. Hat
  10. …… But the temp in my shop – Delightful – As long as you want to know, Ain’t Got Snow-aint got snow-ain’t got snow …… Merry Christmas Everyone from Sunny Southern Cal. Hat
  11. Simply Awesome . . . Congratulations Jerry And finally, now you'll have time to build that Open-Ez Looking forward to seeing your bird up close and personal one of these days.. Hat
  12. Very sorry to hear of your loss . . . Hat
  13. HatSwitch

    Berkut Kit

    Yeah Tony ......... To second what TMann asked: "how about an update?"
  14. Dear Relentless, The way I see it, the only ass handed in so far, is yours, and by your own hand, imagine that. . . That’s telling but still funny, especially since you haven't received any response I’d elevate to describe as an attack. But I do find your colorfully over-reaching interpretation interesting and rather entertaining coming from you. It’s unclear what “a dozen people people” was supposed to mean, but whatever it is, I am sure you and your imaginary cat have some crafty self-serving definition worked out in your own skitzofelinious mind.I get the sense you probably spend a lot of time mirror gazing, taking deep and creepy self-descriptive mental notes, preloading your mouth in preparation to counter-measure everyone you encounter with overplayed criticisms copied verbatim from the dense run-to-file of your own self loathing. It’s pathetic - it’s cliché – it’s ridiculous - it is Eminence. I think the main reason you haven’t been able to garner the level of attention you’re craving from the people you slime is they quickly and reasonably conclude: In the context of this forum, there is no point to you. Yet Eminence, here you are?? Ahhh, another cookie cutter cliché from a crack-familiar hypocrite with zero credibility, an inverse compliment, straight out of Eminence’s run-to-file playbook. Next . . . What treatment might that be? For example? This is too easy:Eminence, here you go again, talking to yourself! Girl, stay on your meds! On the “Troll” thingy, you’re doing a great job pointing that out all by yourself - you don’t need any help from me or anyone else. You’re a funny gal, Eminence Press-on . . .
  15. Wow! Timing is everything! Well it looks like we’ve been infiltrated by someone who thinks they can slice pickles with their tongue. My guess is he probably sharpens it in the other end of that cat. . . or was it a chicken?? Maybe we need a vote? Anyway. I think I’ll speak for everyone that currently finds themselves with this cliché narcissistic cat abuser’s abrasive cross hairs on their back and draw a line draw under this thread right here____ Eminence, take your s**t OUTSIDE! If you don't have your GPS handy, here's directions: http://www.canardzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4208 Currently have more productive things to do with a weekend afternoon, but I’ll definitely be back for this. Hat

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