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Discovery Channel looking for Canards for New show

Airdog Alpha

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Howdy all..


I am the producer/pilot/host of a show on Discovery Channel called Airdogs.


I am looking for a Canard flier that would help us explain the flying qualities of this design style.



Our goal is make aviation understandable for the average viewer... check out the link. In each show, Robert "Rooster" Reichert (an Edward's trained Test pilot 10g hours) and myself (night rated PPL) look and fly right seat in aircraft asking questions from the perspective of the expert and the low hour weekend warrior.

it makes for a cool show that covers a great deal of ground. If you are a canard flier and would like to show off your airplane let us know. The show is shot in both Canada and the US.

I live near the BC Washington border. We will be shooting with Piaggio in Dallas... hope to shoot a Starship in California


Kind regards


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Sounds fun. I wish my Velocity was flying, but alas, I am still building (currently working on the rotary engine install). If all goes well, I should be out at the hangar later today.


Please keep us posted. Who knows, if TV takes a while to shoot, maybe I will be flying before your need:cool:


You also may wish to contact the Velocity Aircraft factory as they are knowledgable and may be the only established canard kit producer (another company - Aerocanard is out there too, but not as well established IIRC).


Velocity Inc has always been very helpful and willing to share information and can give you a solid view of the community and aircraft type including their flight testing program and development trails such as flat stalls problem solving and their VERY fast "Turbo Charlie" aircraft . Reach them at www.VelocityAircraft.com


All the best,



Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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I am looking for a Canard flier that would help us explain the flying qualities of this design style. ... hope to shoot a Starship in California


Kind regards


Shoot me an email. See below. Don't know if I'll reply this week - email access is spotty, but I'll get back to you before the weekend.
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Thanks for the link Schubert. Now if only I can find Discovery Civilization (DC) on DirecTV. Perhpas I'm dyslexic or it's simply not available. Do others have access to DC or is it only available to our northerly neighbor? Cheers...

Remi Khu

Cozy Mk IV

Plan #1336

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:o Subscribe to Discovery Civilizations



Contact: comments@discoverycivilization.ca


Subscribe to the channel


Discovery Civilizations is available on digital cable and satellite across Canada. To subscribe, call 1-866-396-0003 or contact your local cable or satellite provider and ask for Discovery Civilizations.



Bell Expressvu

Rogers Cable



Source Cable Ltd.


Campbell River TV


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Dave Ronneberg at Berkut Engineering is very experienced builder of canard aircraft and has about 4,500 hours of canard flying experience. He is located in Santa Monica, California 310 391-0179

He has built over a dozen canard aircraft and has helped several Berkut Builders finish their canards which is like a Long EZ on steroids. Berkut canard is the best canard aircraft. Dave used all the wants and needs of all Very Easy and Long EZ builders who wanted more room, more speed, bigger engines, fighter style canopies and retractable gear. He came up with the prettiest and best performing cabard design. He also raced his Berkut at Reno and Wendover canard races. He is a personal friend of Rutan Brothers and Dick Rutan is currently building a berkut kit after retiring the Rutan Long EZ after many years of flying it. David ORR who dave Ronneberg can put you in touch with is another very experienced Canard pilot in LA area who has builr and owned several canard aircraft and in my opinion has the best Long EZ canard aircraft in the nation! You will not go wrong getting in touch with either of those two gentlemen if you want the best in the business. BKTflyer

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