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Lycolming flywheel


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My project has a newly overhauled E2A O-320 with a conical mount.

My understanding is this is an older motor design that has a few challenges that I am facing.

first there is no boss mount for the "U" shaped generator mounting bracket.

B&C solved this by sending me a very well designed mount that attaches to the case bolts and the starter. So, that issue is behind me.

Next is the flywheel. The flywheel that came with the core is a 149 tooth that I had rebuilt with a new ring gear. The issue is it has a small pulley which I understand will not work with the Lightspeed ignition. That unit needs the space of the large pulley to mount the pickup behind the flyweel.

Additionally, I don't see mounting holes on the case for the pickup.

Has anyone run into this and am I resolved to using the small pulley and buying the electronic system with the mag hole unit sold by Klaus?

Thanks for any input you may have.


Steve Crouch

KWHP (LA LA land)

LEZ N180EZ paint done & pulling wire

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Here is a link to the type certificate data sheet from the FAA for the O320.


The O320E2A has a dynafocal mount. If your data plate shows O320E2A you have a wrong data plate. I am the Tech Counsler for my EAA chapter and an A&P/A.I. I have seen several engines with wrong parts for the model. This is not saying you don't have a good engine but if you think you have one engine and in fact have some thing else you are going to have a lot of headache when ordering parts and accy's. I would be more than happy to give help and advice if you want/need it. e-mail me at 1956ce172 at gmail dot com and I'll give you a phone # if you want.


Terry Brokaw

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Ooops--sorry I misstyped. My engine is an O-320 # B3B (160hp) with conical mount. It was recently OH at Exodus Air Service at Fox Field Airport in Lancaster, CA.

Sorry for the error- I'm looking at too many numbers today.


Steve Crouch


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All those numbers and letters can confuse. Some of the differences are things as simple as the type of mags. It is a good idea to print a copy of the data sheet from the feds. It has much useful info such as oil pressure and temp limits so you don't have to guess. A direct drive overhaul manual and a parts book for your engine would also be good to have. There is a lot of info in them. According to the TCDS, the B3B has the later larger prop attach bolts so a later flywheel with a bigger pulley may fit your engine. Check with your favorite overhaul shop.



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