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MGS Cost


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I was reading John Slades website today and he mentioned that one pump was about one ounce. I think I weighed a pump one time and that seems about right. Tonight while I was laying of the backside of the LG bulkheads, I wondered what it costs per pump.


So assuming one pump is one OZ.


ASS website lists MGS 285 Resin at $125 per gallon.

Slow hardener is $35, Fast is $30. One of each hardener and one unit of resin will give 1.5 gallons at $190. That's $126 per gallon and $.99 per ounce.


So every pump of the stick stuff pump is a Washington.


Just an interesting perspective seeing that I probably used 30 pumps on the LG bulkheads tonight.

Drew Chaplin (aka the Foam Whisperer)


www.Cozy1200.com - I'm a builder now! :cool:


Brace for impact...

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Price of MGS has ballooned recently, to a far greater degree than the rise in feedstock prices probably warrent.


My 6-gal batch about a year ago cost me 505$Cdn at about an 85cent dollar. My latest was near 800-ish at a dollar that was approaching parity.


My vendor indicated that he thinks MGS wants to wean people off the 285 and onto their other products so they can move away from some of the components in 285/287 hardener, and so are pricing it accordingly, but I'm not so sure as 335's gone up quite a bit too.

Craig K.

Cozy IV #1457

building chapter seven!


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