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FOR SALE Whelen Strobe and Ken Brock Nose Retract & Throttle Quadrant


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I've decided to sell my Whelen Strobe kit, Ken Brock Long EZ nose

retract and throttle Quadrant. The strobe kit was purchased in

March '06 and is still in packages along with the wiring installation

kit and instructions. The Ken Brock three lever throttle quadrant and

cables were never installed. The plane has not flown yet, so the Ken

Brock nose gear retract is in perfect condition, but was removed to

install a Jack Wilhelmson electric retract.


-Whelen Strobe Kit- This system is popular with Long-EZ, Q2, Q200

builders and others using a lightweight, low amperage generator or

alternator. It consists of: Two A 600-PG/PR Wingtip Strobe Lights,

One A 413A, HDS -14/28 (Single Flash 20 Joules) remote mounted Power

Supply, HD -60 Installation Kit (Lists for $810.00 at Aircraft Spruce)


-Ken Brock Nose Gear Retract


-Ken Brock Three Lever Throttle Quadrant with cables


I will take the best reasonable offers here, before listing on ebay.

For pictures or to make offers, please email me

at:emoreno1@bellsouth.net or call 337-438-5626. Thanks in advance!


Ed Moreno

Long EZ Project





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