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What ever happened to the soloy turbine conversions from years back? I remember a Cessna skymaster with a faired out nose and a Soloy turbine in the pusher slot. If available would that work on a cozy?

In theory? Sure.


But you've got two problems - first, you'll be burning 30-50 gph, so you'll have all of a 1 hour flight duration with VFR reserves. Second, they spin the prop at 1800 RPM. Good luck handling 400 HP efficiently with a 70" propeller spinning 1800 RPM on the back of a COZY, CS or not. You'll need a LOT of large, paddle blades, and the efficiency will not be great.

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Ya gotta love theory. Is there a smaller derated turbo prop that burns less? Not that I'd have the$$$$ to buy or use one? You know scince were theorizing. I just came back from looking at a friends LE and I'm stoked, again. He only needs to do the final fill and prime and then paint. He has an 0340 and says he can get a 2000 mi range.

That sounds a bit on the high side. Is it?


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