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Cozy iv questions

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Yup. I seem to remember a discussion about it somewhere, but can't find it.


Interesting experiment. She's kind of confused about the theory behind a number of things, but her confusion doesn't affect the results much. Her concept of the lift being a combination of Bernoulli, Newton, and the "Coanda Effect" is a common misconception, and the effect of the canard on the main wing lift is not from turbulence, but from downwash (which also has nothing to do with the Coanda Effect). Not really minor nits, from a theoretical standpoint, but hey, she's an undergrad. I cringe when I read my Master's Thesis, 27 years later...


She recognizes that the results may not be scalable because of the reynolds # effect, and it's clear that the canard position doesn't affect the wing lift as much as the reynolds # increases, and even less so at higher AOA's.


Interesting undergrad experiment, though.

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