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Seatback Floxing


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Per the plans, I have glassed the front side with UNI and cut the corners. Now in preparation to glass the backside with BID, it appears that the plans call out for floxing edges on all four sides of the seatback. I can understand the top and bottom beveled edges. However, is it really necessary to go through the effort on the sides? Aren't they just going to be floxed to the fuselage sides during assembly? In fact, don't the remaining bulkheads all have exposed foam on the sides during CH 6. assembly?


Any thoughts?

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Your assumptions are correct. The other bulkheads have exposed foam. I didn't flox my sides, and after sanding to fit, I practically had exposed foam in some areas (I think I wrapped the glass around the edges / not sure if that was correct either). You could just leave the foam exposed -- it's easier and you'll just flox into place anyway, as you suggest. Don't sweat this one.


Only reason I can think of to have hard edge is for when I needed to assemble. Squeezing the seatback into place COULD cause its glass to delaminate as its dragged through a tight-fitting side. Easy enough to expand the sides beforehand though.


Go go go!

Jon Matcho :busy:
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