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  1. I feel your pain MadMan -- I ordered a kit on 6/18 and have not heard anything from RST despite numerous calls and emails. I finally submitted a dispute through PayPal's resolution center. Given that you ordered in May, my guess is the only thing working at RST is their accounts receivable...I guess I'll order tape from Wicks... Let me know if you find any specific "how-to's". Good Luck!
  2. Just want to check on the positioning of the Upper Longerons -- Since the sides are formed with curves in 2 planes, and the upper longeron only has a bend in it (and no "twist"), my guess is that the UL will lay flush at the front (that is be perpendicular to the side) and by the aft end should be at an angle less than 90 degrees to the sides due to the induced twist created by FJD and FJE. Or stated otherwise, I'm NOT expected to try and "twist" the UL. Is this correct? I found the plans drawing a bit lacking in this area. But my assumption is that the spacers ensure that the UL's DON'T get twisted in this step. I just wanted some confirmation (...or correction).
  3. Per the plans, I have glassed the front side with UNI and cut the corners. Now in preparation to glass the backside with BID, it appears that the plans call out for floxing edges on all four sides of the seatback. I can understand the top and bottom beveled edges. However, is it really necessary to go through the effort on the sides? Aren't they just going to be floxed to the fuselage sides during assembly? In fact, don't the remaining bulkheads all have exposed foam on the sides during CH 6. assembly? Any thoughts?

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