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Long-EZ or Berkut in New England?

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Hi all,


I tried to post this at lunch, but apparently it was lost someplace between my computer and the message board. Not sure what happened so I will give it another shot!


I am interested in starting an Open EZ or variant, and have been since the early 90's when I was in the Air Force and started taking my private courses. My girlfriend and I spent the last three years building two all carbon 21' sailboats - "Mini's" - that are for a Transatlantic race that takes place every two years. I am shooting for 2009.


I raced the boat in it's first big event this summer, and found that when I returned home and got back to my 'normal' life something was missing! I am not building any more. It's a disease I think, but one that can be cured easily enough with the taking on of another project. :)


I am ready to get started, and my girlfriend is ready to jump in as well, though I think we need to see one, and sit her in the cockpit to get her truly excited about it.


Can someone please point me in the right direction? I am going to attend the local EAA chapter meeting next week and try to catch the one guy that has a Long there, but there must be some others in the area too??


Thanks in advance,


Drew Wood



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Welcome. Sounds like your ready to start "The Build". Your prior experience working with composites should move you fairly well up the learning curve.


Keep us advised of your progress, and feel free to post any questions, observations, etc.


NOTE: sorry about the delay on your first post, The first post of new users requires Moderator approval. I didn't see your first post until this afternoon, then I seen this one also.



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The Open-EZ project has all the connections you need to acquire plans & drawing for a Long-EZ. There is no builder support from Rutan Aircraft since about 1982 but there are plenty of builders around that can answer your questions.


If you want info on the Berkut, there are sets of drawings available but it is a limited number ( i think they had 200 sets available at the start) and they are quite pricey. You can contact john.griffiths at comcast dot net. Expect to pay arout $700-800 for a set if you are so inclined.

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