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Been a while since I checked in, have had several interruptions, read that 'life happens'.


I would like to see how many folks would be interested in a baseline AFM\POH for the Open-EZ? I have an original Long-EZ POH but was thinking I would follow the more standardized GAMA style AFM format.


Basically, I would prepare a Word document that individual builders could then modify to fit their specific aircraft (e.g., rotary engine, retractable gear, warp 5 engines, etc.).


If I were I to charge for something like this, I am curious what the builders out there would be willing to pay for a professional AFM\POH?


As for me, I am not ready to start building yet and am actually considering purchasing a flying Long and making many of the mods I am interested over time - my work will soon be taking me away from home and I need a reliable and efficient way to commute 600-1000 miles every few weeks.


Your thoughts\suggestions appreciated.



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Does that mean you have written a Long-EZ\Open-EZ AFM\POH to GAMA Spec 1 (industry standard nowadays)?


As an experienced Technical Writer and Editor I'd be happy to review it if you want.


I had already started on a GAMA Spec 1 style AFM\POH based on the original Long-EZ POH for my own use and posted the other day to gauge interest from other builders\pilots for a professionally prepared and formatted AFM\POH; if you have done one as well maybe there is an opportunity to share some work and make a great document.


Let me know.



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It's a RIP of the original, and I am by no means a technical writer...


I'll send you a copy of what I have so far if you'd like, though it is not updated by CP-30 and above yet.


It was basically for my own use (and I must have been extremely bored), tailored for my airplane and I thought I'd put it out there for others to use...



Long-EZ #582, Hangar 51 Southeast Texas Regional Airport - KBPT

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LongEZ-Dave and I have exchanged pleasantries by phone and I have received his file. I will go through it but at first blush it looks like a great starting point.


My thoughts are as above to put together a basic AFM that individual builder\flyers can modify for their specific aircraft. In keeping with the Open-EZ concept, this will be an open-source manual, freely provided.


Recommendations for specific procedures (emergency, abnormal or normal)not contained in the original POH are welcome, as are any other suggestions.


Looking forward to this!!



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