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long-Ez nose leg

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hello guys!!

I'm looking for a long-Ez's nose leg, but it seems like nobody has one:confused: :

cozygirrls does not list it, aircraftspruce sent me no answer, and wicks wants to know the item's code. I only know that it's called ng1-l in the plans, but have no other code. Can anyone help me? do you know where to search for it or is there anyone out there available to sell me an used one??

thanks a lot guys


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If you're talking about the strut, get in touch with the guys (Larry, Michael) at Featherlite.


I found this contact info for them on the Forum:


1327 South State St., Airport,

Ukiah, CA 95482

Phone 707-462-2939 Fx 462-3424

e-mail: fthrlite@pacific.net


Unfortunately they don't have a website, but I rumor has it that they're pretty good about answering emails.



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Yep....Featherlite is the just the ticket.

It'll cost you $85USD plus $15USD for shipping within the U.S.(likey around $30USD to ship to Italy.)

When I started my build this year, I was concerned that I might not be able to find parts......totally unfounded!

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Mann's Airplane Factory

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hello guys,


thank you so much for your super fast reply: really helpful infos.

I sent an e-mail today to Featherlite and am waiting for them....

may be there's someone else who is looking for the same part out there, so I'll post what I'll find as soon as they'll answer to me: hope it'll be useful to the community!



Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads. (Dr. Emmett Brown)

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hello everybody!


Featherlite answers pretty slow, but they sent me a list of everything they supply.

I think it could be interesting for someone of you so here it is:





August 1, 2005




Main Landing Gear Strut 1 517.00

Nose Gear Strut 1 85.00

Engine Cowl Glass Top & Bottom Set 1 491.00

Cowl Inlet 1 80.00

Wheel Pants 3,5 x 5 set 1 226.00

Wheel Pants 500 x 5 1 260.00

NG 30 Cover 1 30.00

Pre Cut Foam Cores Canard 1 242.00

*Pre Cut Foam Cores Wing & Winglets 1 1399.00

Leading Edge Fuel Strakes 1 563.00

Strut Cover SC 1 30.00

Nose Wheel Cover NB 1 30.00

Sump Blister SB 2 30.00

Requires cowl modification NACA Inlet 1 75.00

Carb. Air Box Kit 1 199.00

Baggage Pod Set 1 525.00

Nose Bumper Rubber 1 15.00

Space Saver Panel 1 59.00



hope it's helpful......


Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads. (Dr. Emmett Brown)

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