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Landing Brake Question

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I am about to cut the hole for the Landing Brake actuator, glass the fuselage bottom and Landing Brake and assemble it all.


In trying to determine the best place (and angle) to install the actuator, I used M-13 and M-14 to see how it would turn out.


A major factor would be how far I would want the landing brake to open up. I have seen pictures of Cozies (or is it Cozii?) that have the LB open to (what it seems) 90 degrees. I have not been able to determine the angle that would allow a 4-inch actuator to push it to the 90 degree position.


It seems that I can get it to around 45 degrees. Is that enough?


Could you please tell me how many degrees your landing brakes typically open up to?

I plan to procrastinate, but not now....

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