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New Orleans !! first sighting

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Hi !!!


My name is Brian . I have been an observer here for a while just taking in information on everything I could find . Well I have been searching for a set of cozy prints . I am set on doing it now after today .

I was working today off of canal blvd . I was Not to far from the New Orleans lakefront air port . I had heard the normal cesna's flying around, people get there training for their privot pilot(I should know because I am have just started going to the same place my self). When I heard a funny sound just didnt sound like the other planes . I looked up and thought, wow that is a funny looking plane(didnt even think of it being a canard type plane)!! It was moving so fast though !! Must be nice is all I could think, wish it was me . I am so set on make me a plane but have so far to go .

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Yes ! It must have been but I couldnt make out what kind of canard plane it was(velocity huh!) . You was circling around the job site I was on and your plane has a very distinct sound to it . What kind of engine does it have, did you order the kit and build it yourself . Well maybe I see it around the lake front airport one day . Well have a nice one!!!!!!bye !

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I lived in Houma all my life until moving to Houston a couple of years ago...Houma airport was a great place to fly. None of the EAA guys in Houma had canards....I've never seen one in the area...Nice to know they are out there......OOOhhhhh...I used to go to Galliano all the time to visit friends or on my way to Grand Isle for the Tarpon Fishing Rodeo..



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