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Aft Cut Out Location


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On the plans they show a dimension of 8.7" below the bottom edge of the top longeron. This represents the top edge of the rectangular cutout of 8.7 x5.5. Seems like this would introduce error into the location of these cuttouts given the potentially different locations of the longerons on each side of the plane.


Any thoughts here? Seems like we should be measuring from the top of the fusalage forms...

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If you've followed the plans to this point, your top longerons should now be in the range of very to perfectly flat and straight in the horizontal direction. They will become your reference for many things going forward, and so it's important that they are straight and flat.


I know I have 1/32" of foam, some glass, and some flox blobs I need to sand off that are above the top longerons. After I do that, I'll be able to setup a flat x-y plane based on referencing the top longerons.


I suggest sticking closely to the plans here and make sure that your longerons are straight. I used a laser line to verify mine (I know that was unnecessary).

Jon Matcho :busy:
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