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Cozy MK IV Plans and Parts for sale

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Plans: Item# 4631683068


Starting bid $100 - includes shipping! :envy:


Parts & Equip for Cozy: Item# 4631705085


Estimated new value over $2000. Starting bid $500 - includes shipping! :envy:




"Measure twice, Cut once."

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Here's a list of some of the parts in the auction above.



1 NC-5A Pitch trim belcrank

1 MKNG-6 Pivot Assy.

2 MKNC-12A Torque Tube Offset

2 MKCZ Torque Tube Belcrank

2 CS72-S Pulley Bracket

2 CS-10 Lead Weight

2 CS-11 Lead Weight

1 CS301L Steel Belhorn

1 CS301R Steel Belhorn

2 CS152 L&R Welded Bellhorns

4 CS1A Push Rod Inserts

2 CS131 Spacer

1 LL-1 Spacer

10 CS50 Push Rod Inserts

2 CZSA Fork

4 CS127S Bracket

2 NC-6 Torque Tube End Plug

12 LWA-9 Alum. Bushings

8 CS201 Steel Bushings

2 CS13 Steel Bushings

6 NC-3 Hinge

1 SC1 Canopy Safety Catch

1 C21 Machined Handle

1 C1L Lever

1 C2L Lever

1 C3 Block

1 C4 Block

4 CS-13 Steel Bushings

2 CS 128 Bellcrank Assy.

4 NC-7 Elevator Jigs

2 CN2 Flanged Bushings

2 CNL Alum Bushings

1 CZRTH Handle

2 RT-2L/2R Bracket (1 left/1 right)

4 NC-2 Hinges

4 CS181 Disconnect Insert

4 A-5 Brackets

2 A-2 Brackets

2 Hidden rudder bell horns


There is more Cozy specific hardware that I don't have time to identify. Mostly stuff from Aircraft spruce

The Andair fuel valve is model FS20x4-F



"Measure twice, Cut once."

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Feel free to send whatever you don't want to me. ;)


Steve, I offered up $1,002. I totalled the Brock hardware alone at around $1,500, so you did get a good deal, w/free shipping too. Forgot about the Andair valve... and the other items. Enjoy!

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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