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Fuel Selector, heat duct, pass-thru question?


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I have just finished constructing the hot-air duct and the seatback support and fuel selector bracket. I am ready to assemble them and was wondering when the recessed area, for the fuel lines to pass, is cut out. I looked ahead to Chapter 7 and didn't see any mention of it. Once the seatback support and bottom are in place, I don't see how I will have access to this recessed area.


Should I go ahead and cut out this area right now prior to assembling the seatbac support and hot-air duct, or is there somewhere else in the instructions where this will be done?



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Wow, no answer to this 2006 question? I have the same question. What exactly is the recess in the top of the heat duct for? Does it povide clearance for the plumbing of the fuel lines to the plans-specified fuel selector?

Larry Hendrick


Cozy Mark IV Started 2/12/2009 - Now on Chap. 6


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