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Epoxy hardeners


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:confused: Reading through the Long Eze plans there are references to three types of Epoxy Fast/Slow and 5min.


My question pertains to the fast and slow hardeners.


With the reading I have done over various posts there is a lot of references to people using a 50/50 mix of fast and slow hardener(correct me please if I have misunderstood).


Do you use this mix for the entire construction and have one epoxy pump or do you have two pumps one with fast hardener and one with slow?


Or have I missed the point entirly and found myself in some other gelatinus goo?



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The MGS I use allows you to interchange fast/slow hardeners while keeping the same ration of hardener to resin. If the others are like that, there's really no reason to have 2 pumps. All the fast/slow hardener does is vary the cure time between fastest and slowest possible.


5 minute epoxy is exactly the same stuff I used to build model airplanes.

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