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Cozy pic for wikipedia


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Hi guys,


I wrote up a quick article about the Cozy Mk IV on the Wikipedia and was wondering if anyone had a picture of their plane that they would release the copyright to that we could put in the article.


Also, since anyone can edit, please add more info. I'm just a new enthusiast about the plane, and the entry is the barest minimum so far.



Ben Hallert - http://hallert.net/cozy/ - Chapter 1 - EAA Chapter#31

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I concur... for want of showing my friends and colleagues "the plane I'm building", Brian DeFord's plane/website is what I'd load up. It is truly a beautiful plane and AFAIK the only website with numerous completed plane photos.


I wish there is a depository of flying Cozy aircrafts on one site showing both interior and exterior shots.


Happy New Year to the canard community!!

Remi Khu

Cozy Mk IV

Plan #1336

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