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ez-jet power


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That is not jet power but rocket power, it is Ez-rocket, not jet-ez.


I have followed Xcor along with Scaled Composites for some years now and been waiting for them doing something further, because of the X-prize

( http://www.x-prize.org ).


Actually I originally found the EZ type aircrafts that way. I had never heard of them before I saw the EZ-rocket on Xcor's web page. That way surfing I found also Burt Rutan and his SpaceShipOne which eventually then won the X-prize.

Back then I wasn't even planning to build an aircraft yet and I didn't even have a pilot's license yet. Anyway, things change.


I have collected some interesting links together to the following page that might interest you (it contains links to various interesting space and aviation sites):




Best Wishes,


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Karoliina, nice Web site. I think it's great you're linking to the Canard Zone, but there's a 'd' missing in the URL (so it's broken).


Speaking of EZ jets... don't forget the people that did Jeff Richter's Cozy III conversion into a GE turbine-powered speed demon: www.ezjetinc.com


Best wishes!

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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