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  1. I'm in Reno doing some work until the 9th of april. I'd like to see if I can get a ride in a Cozy or take a look on how your building yours. I just finished chapter 7:banana: But work is slow with this new job I have. The good side is that I travel all over and will be able to meet more people and see how they are building theirs.
  2. OK. who are these OTHERS that build them? Nate web site dont tell me much.
  3. Has anyone replaced Brock mfg co. yet? Who can I get the parts from?
  4. Is there any other dealers in the U.S other than Aircraft spruce or Wicks. I just put in an order to AS&S and they dont have the foam I want or Epoxy. What the F. As a major supplier to the home builder, I would think you would atleast have Epoxy or a single sheet of foam. I always have had a problem with AS&S. Two EF'ing warehouses and not 1 Gal. of MGS or 1 sheet of pvc foam!! Now thats just weak. how can you stay operating like that? I'm ordering from wicks from now on or anyone else that can supply me.
  5. Yes your right. if you take a measurement from the firewall. one side is 5" and the other is 4.5". I have them out now, but i'll tell ya, they put up a good fight. I couldnt believe how well they where in there and they werent totally glassed in. I ordered more foam and epoxy. has anyone have a problem getting the MGS 285 slow hardner shipped? I guess its more poisones than the fast hardner so it has to go ground shippment. well I'll just start on the canard until I get my stuff.
  6. you guys are right. After looking at it i need to cut them out and just fix them. you look at them and go " but i put so much work in to it i dont want to cut it out" but hack saw I go, but after a break,and alittle more looking, but it looks sooo good, ok, ok, lets start cutting. With out this group and help I dont think anyone could finish these things. Jon I wrote to you a year ago. I'm glad to see you started. They are right, once you start all you can do is think about the next step. how to this and how i'm i going to do that. you lie in bed and build it in your mind at night. the only thing that really stops you is money. Happy build crow
  7. HI everyone. well after a year long "break" from the build I started again. I just took it out of storage and started on CH 7. Well something didnt look right. I started to measure things up and found that one side of the rear landing gear bulkhead is 1/2 inch off. and that makes the forward landing gear bulkhead off also. I have no idea how this happend. I already have the floor glassed in on the inside but not the outside yet. plus the foam for the naca scoop is also microed on and somewhat shaped. I don't know how to fix this. any help or idea's would make my day.
  8. I found this site by accident www.xcor.com/gallery/albums.php
  9. The U.S. had the XP-55 Ascender Span 40' 7" Length 29' 7" Wieght 6354 lbs /7710 lbs gross Allison 1275 HP Max Speed 390 @ 19,000 ft Ceiling 34600 ft First flew 13 July 1943
  10. The Soviet Union had one in 1945. The MIG-8 UTKA. It 110 HP. Wing span of 31' 2" Length 23' Empty 1408 lbs Max Takeoff 2530 lbs Ceiling 17056 ft Speed 127 mph Range 310 miles
  11. Hi. looking for a ride in Mass. Almost done with CH. 4 and will be starting ch.5-11 by the end of the month. thanks Mark
  12. I did my 22 layer lay up but when i measured the thickness, it was 3/16 and not 1/4. should I add more layers or go with the 3/16?
  13. Can I Micro slurry the foam and let it cure first before I start to glass? I suspect the micro is to seal the foam and to give a better grip for the epoxy. Also, when you micro, do you fill in all the pinholes so the foam is completely smooth or just brush it on? I ask this because I'm going to do alot of vacuum infusion and bagging. I've read the points on why not to vacuum bag but its how I want to do it. with Vacuum infusion you lay everything down first and dry. make sure every thing is set in place, seal it, check it, then flow the epoxy.
  14. The layup was From MOLDLESS COMPOSITE HOMEBUILT SANDWICH AIRCRAFT CONSTRUCTION book. i think it my be an older book because it has a lot or refeance to the variEze,long-ez and solitare. whatever, if it worked then, it will work now.

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