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Section I and II


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These are references to the two parts of the plans, which consist of two books, each labeled as Section I and Section II. I think it's done this way so that you don't have one big book to lug around.


You don't need to buy material by the entire Section. Read further at Aircraft Spruce and you'll see that you can purchase by Chapter. There's also Wicks Aircraft, which has Cozy material packaged as well.


Many people purchase Chapters 4-7 initially.


Get the plans and read through them for a while and you'll see it all unfold.

Jon Matcho :busy:
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When RAF started selling plans for the Long EZ, they put out the first book (Section I) so that builders could get started on building the airframe. Then RAF wrote the second book (Section II) so the builder could complete the scontrols, engine, baffling, electrical wiring, small inside-fuselage parts, etc.


There's no reason to have had two books other than RAF decided to put out Section I while they wrote Section II. Nat Puffer (Cozy) followed suit.

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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