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  1. Would everything fit in the back of a F-150 pickup? (Step-side) I live in Ca. and your project looks good. But I am sure I can't make any trips or promises until after Christmas....
  2. What are these? and at what point would a builder need to purchase them? Can these be bought elsewhere than throught ACS? Just trying to do some planing and would like to know when I need to have large denomiation bills ready.
  3. Thanks for the info, I guess I haven't thought it all out. This forum is a great asset for making one think. I do have to write things down while flying, change freq. (Alot) and fold maps. The left and stick doesn't seem as bad as I first thought, Thanks, Steve
  4. How hard would it be to put a single control stick in the center consol instead of one on each side? What other systems will be affected? I would like to fly with my right hand on the stick, and left hand on the control. I know I could just fly from the right seat, but my ego is to big for that.... Thanks, Steve
  5. Where are you located and how much are you asking, any Pics, Steve Davis N7124L
  6. I am thinking of building a Canard type airplane, Not sure of a few things, maybe someone can answer a few questions. How do you ground manuver your plane? is there a dolly for the front? Where can I find the cockpit dimensions for a Long ez? Is there room for a second control stick and a few instrument in the back seat of a Long ez? What is the useful load of a typical Long ez with a n O-235 Engine? What is the Vne for a Long ez? Also how much baggage space is there? and where is it? Thanks, I trying to get some answers I know my wife will ask? She loves to fly with me, but I have an AA5, so we sit side by side. Thanks, Steve
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