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Unexpected Canard Sighting

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I was at a swim meet w/my girls this morning in South Amboy, New Jersey, USA on Saturday, July 2nd, when I looked up at another plane and, for the first time in the wild, I saw a canard at about 1,000' screaming through the sky.


It appeared to be a Long-EZ and I'm guessing it could have flown out of 3N6.


Anyone out there flying around the Raritan Bay near the Jersey Shore this weekend?


For all of you that can't help but look up when you hear a plane -- keep doing it. After 10+ years it's finally paid off for me. :)

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
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I got onnnnnneeee!!! :D:D:D The time, 7:09 am. The place, Spokane, WA. You know, Washington... The state. Green trees, clean air. You'd like it here. Anyway, I had just stepped outside when what did I hear? The hi pitched, beautiful sound of an aircraft flying over. So, I took John's advice and looked up. There it was, my first Canard sighting!!! I was thrilled. I don't know for sure but I think it was a Cozy. Too far away to be sure. Sure was sweet though. It was at about 2000' and singin'. Headed NNE to who knows where. It's a beautiful day for flying so who cares where he (or she) was going. But I tell you what, I was right there in the cockpit with 'em. Oh well, someday. You know, I didn't think there were any Canards around here. Anybody know of any?



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