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Just wanted to Say Hi and intro myself

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Hey guys. Just thought I'd introduce myself and ask some of those

pesky goofy newbie questions.


First, a little about me. I guess you could say I

like to be

different, to take the path a little less traveled.

When I went into the

military, I chose the US Marines. It's the smallest

branch, the hardest to

get into, and the hardest to get thru. While 90% of

the ppl out there

have Chevys and Fords, few have an old Dodge layin

around, but I drive 2

of 'em.


I don't really have much Aviation background. My pop

just finally got

his plane done, it'll soon be taken on its

airworthiness voyage. It's

a fabric covered steel tubing plane. I think the

plans call it a

Mohawk, but I can't find anything about it on the

'net. I think it was

discontinued years ago. Anywho, it has Kit Fox wings,

just to give you an

idea what it is. My father-in-law has a C-172. My

dad's plane is no

comparison to the 172. Lighter, slower, etc. But I

have a lot more

respect for his little plane than for your standard

run-of-the-mill C-172.

Again, there's that "I just gotta be different"

attitude I tend to



I've really never had much interest or passion for

Aviation. My father

in law is an A&P. He works for Bombardier here in

Wichita, KS, in the

flight test center. He makes damn good money there.

So after I got

laid off last summer, I knew I needed something

better. I worked for the

State of Kansas (unemployment) for 6 months before

starting A&P school

myself. I started really getting interested in

Aviation about 4 months



So, I decided to start looking into pilot's

certification and plane

ownership. On a whim I looked on ebay for a 172 and

found a 1980 model

for around $80,000. After removing the defibrillator,

I definitely knew

that was not the path for me. So I really looked at

what I wanted in a

plane, then started to search from there.


I decided I wanted a 200mph or better, 4 seater, with

a decent useful

load and good range. IFR capable preferred. I also

knew that to get

what I wanted in something I could afford during my

lifetime, I was gonna

hafta build it myself. So, it also had to be

relatively easy to do.

Safety is a huge issue to me, 'cause I plan to carry

my ole lady and

kids with me. National Guard wouldn't be happy if I

can't perform my duty

'cause I crashed a plane, either.


I looked at RV's and dozens more homebuilts. Then I

spotted a Cozy. I

thought "that's odd. I've not seen one of those.

Must be a different

design." Well, that definitely peaked my interest.

So, I've spent

hours poring over diferent plans to make sure the cozy

is what I want.

The more I compare it to the others, the more certain

I am it's the one

for me.


So, now I hafta convince the ole lady that I NEED this

plane. (She has

already pretty much given up on talking me out of it.

She knows once I

have my mind made up, it's set.) Then I need to

finish skule. About

another 14 months (I just started Airframe, with

Powerplant to follow,)

Then I need a job that'll support this habit. And

finally, I need to

buy a place with a shop big enough to work in.

Sheesh. This is gonna

cost me a fortune.


I still have lotsa things to figure out about the

building of my Cozy.

My real concern is the powerplant. Here's my delimma.

I would rather

not spend the money of a Lycoming or Continental when

an automotive

engine would do the job just as good for half the

price. Also,

replacement parts are less expen$ive and more readily

available. And isn't that

what "Experimental" is all about? I was looking

toward a Porshce

engine. The only prob is the horsepower is built at

higher RPM's, but I

think a gear reduction prop will take care of that.


What powerplants are y'all using?


Well, I know this has been long-winded. Sorry for

that. Thanks for

your time and hopefully all my plans will come

together before I'm dead.


Happy flyin'



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I would rather not spend the money of a Lycoming or Continental when an automotive engine would do the job just as good for half the price.

I would highly recommend that you do NOT make this decision now. If your going to build this project, it will be years before your at a point where you can no longer proceed until you have an engine in hand.


One of the problems I had, I would purchase something for my plane, and two or three years later, the technology changed, or the price was reduced.


Keep your eyes open, if a really good deal comes up, jump on it.


Start building now, and as your building, keep your ears close to the ground for any and all information regarding engines. Only then can you make a valid assessment as to which engine candidate is right for you.



F16 performance on a Piper Cub budget

LongEZ, 160hp, MT CS Prop, Downdraft cooling, Full retract

visit: www.iflyez.com

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Then I need to finish skule. About another 14 months (I just started Airframe, with Powerplant to follow,) Then I need a job that'll support this habit. And finally, I need to buy a place with a shop big enough to work in. Sheesh. This is gonna cost me a fortune.

The interesting thing that happened to me after deciding to go down this road was that, for the first time in my life, I noticed I had a 10-year plan. I've done some building already, but have since pulled back a step or two to get my shop setup properly. Before the shop are a series of other small and large projects that (a) keep the family happy, and (b) get me closer to next steps. The key is to look down the road, realize that it will take a BUNCH of time, and pace yourself.


The other factor that's become part of the equation is realizing that I do not want (or need) all the luxuries you see on TV and in ads, such as SUVs, luxury cars, perfect landscaping, etc. Pace yourself and your 10-year hobby will easily cost less than all the crap that you never will buy.


...and what Waiter said.




p.s. No need to break your sentences by pressing [Enter] -- you see what happens. Just type until your heart's content and let the editor wrap your text to the next line for you.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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Wow. I sent this in an email to the Cozy group almost 2 years ago and never realized it was here. Kinda interesting to see where I am now, compared to when I wrote that first post. Welp, still dreamin' bout buildin that plane. Pop still hasn't flown his. He got his LSA a year ago. I went down last weekend and helped him go over it, giving him ideas on what I think he should address before he flies it. Hopefully it'll not be too long, but that's what he's been sayin for a long time now.


As for me, well, I'm out of AP school. Graduated in Aug and workin at Raytheon Aircraft Services @ ICT. Like the job and it's feeding me, so all is well. I transferred to a National Guard unit in Salina, KS (SLN) because it's Aviation - BlackHawk. Looks like I will be going to an Army Avionics School in April, so I'll be busy with that for 6 months.


My old multi-colored turd Dodges still run, so I keep drivin em. Thought I'd buy a nice truck when I finished school, but quickly discovered that the more $$ ya make, the more ya spend. They suck fuel like it's a nickel a gallon, but I'd rather hear the 4-bbl and Glass Packs than pay full coverage insurance premiums anyway. Loud pipes save lives :D


Well, I guess I'll sign off. I have kinda been lurkin around here for a while, and think it's time to put more serious thought and motivation into getting started on a plane project.



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