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Interesting article on J.D., safety, and selling

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I thought this brief article was an interesting read: http://www.angelflight.org/articles/af00_010j.html


It talks about John Denver's death, FARs and safety procedures, and lawsuits relating to the sale of homebuilt aircraft.

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Good read, however there are some major discrepancies in the authors examples.


I was very close to the investigation of this accident and was EAA's mouthpiece for the national news media following the accident.


Please refer to the NTSB full narrative of the accident at




If you have problems with this link, the accident number is LAX98FA008


1) EDITED by Waiter, (my original statement was NOT correct, JD WAS NOT IN POSITION OF A MEDICAL, AS STATED BY THE AUTHOR.)


2) JD was very low time in type, but had recent time in numerious other types. He did receive some type training. I do agree with the general trend, a Pilot with 100 hours Time in Type, is less riskier than a pilot with 5 hours time in type.


3) I do agree with the author regarding Hold Harmless Agreements. HOWEVER, I'll bet, if you are the manufacture, and you have deep pockets, no amount of hold harmless agreement in the world will protect you from legal action.



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