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Canard weight and balance

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Hey there, new to the forum. I've just got a general question about canard weight and balance. Are there any current designs where the fuel is not located in line with the center of lift? If so, how is fuel consumtion during flight and its effect on CG dealt with? Is canard trim ever used to shift the CL? Or is the fuel located at or near the CL on all canards to deal with that issue? Just trying to satisfy my curiosity. I can't find any info on it in any of my textbooks, and the POH's for current kits are not available online. Thanks.

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.... Are there any current designs where the fuel is not located in line with the center of lift?....

Not that I'm aware of. The V.E., L.E., COZY, Velocity, Berkut, E-Racer, etc. all have the fuel tanks within a couple inches of the CG range (which is always AHEAD of the aircraft Center of Lift). As it turns out, the rear seat passengers are ALSO right about on the CG range, so that fuel and rear seat passengers tends not to affect CG position much, if at all. Full fuel to empty in my COZY is about a 1/2" change in CG position.


The one thing that DOES affect CG position greatly is front seat weight, and in a COZY (or E-Racer, or Velocity), having 2 folks in front can require moving some ballast from the nose to the rear.

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hello :o)

i just posted in the coffee shop, but have a query about my Cozy 3. the handbook (translated from Long-Ez?) gives two datums for pilot. the first is the same as LE @ 59" aft of datum, the second is in the diagram on pg38 for CG measurements and shows at 65" aft of datum. this seems critical as at 59" the flight box cannot be maintained with max front seats and changing fuel.


any thoughts appreciated


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