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  1. I've been researching Megasquirt of use in my car for a while now. It's a DIY programmable electronic fuel injection computer. http://www.megasquirt.info/ I was thinking it would be a good choice for auto engine conversion used in aircraft. It's even cheap enough to have two of them for redundant systems. They can even be used to control spark. They can even be ordered pre-built/tested here: http://www.rs-autosport.net/catalog/ The only problem I can see is that they use an Oxygen sensor. Obviously, o2 sensors are not compatible with leaded av-gas. I'm sure they could be programmed to run fine off only a MAP input. Maybe even substitute the 02 sensor for an EGT probe or simply a mixture control knob. Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge of this or some other stand-alone EFI system in use in experimental aviation?
  2. Thank you for the link, very informative.
  3. With the templates available here and the rest of the plans available on the TERF CD, is it possible to build a Long-EZ from those plans and have the FAA buy off on it? Obviously, the TERF CD doesn't come with a serial number and from what I've read, the plane I build couldn't be called a Long-EZ anyway. I am totally new to homebuilts and am not sure what the FAA wants to see in order to obtain an airworthiness certificate. Anybody here know?
  4. Hey there, new to the forum. I've just got a general question about canard weight and balance. Are there any current designs where the fuel is not located in line with the center of lift? If so, how is fuel consumtion during flight and its effect on CG dealt with? Is canard trim ever used to shift the CL? Or is the fuel located at or near the CL on all canards to deal with that issue? Just trying to satisfy my curiosity. I can't find any info on it in any of my textbooks, and the POH's for current kits are not available online. Thanks.

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