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New material for plastic peel ply?


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Has anyone tried using the plastic from Glad's new "Forceflex" trash bags for the plastic laminate bagging technique? It's very stretchy...which suggests to me that it might be really good for tight compound curves.


Not started yet, maybe never will (currently having an affair with an RV project...shhh...don't tell my set of Cozy plans)....

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There's nothing special about those bags in what they could do for layups. I would imagine that pressing a squeegee over them would cause them to stretch and cause all sorts of annoying behavior. I use 6mil plastic, and you could use 3mil to get more bend.


The best approach to address compound curves is to vacuum bag. Along the lines of the cheap 'pressure bagging' technique, we now have the low pressure vacuum bagging technique which I use whenever I can.

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