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Renisis rotary for sale ...

Jim Sower

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A guy on the rotary list has a brand new (2000 km) RX-8 Renesis(sp?) engine he's putting on E-Bay to start at $3600. This puppy comes at you at 220+ hp, box stock, NA. He is too far along with his 13B setup to start all over again.


Sure do wish I was ready for an engine.

...Destiny's Plaything...

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I looked for a good deal on a high compression 13B and I found one for 200 bucks. I saw what I wanted and went after it. Now I can afford some goodies and ceramic coatings and stuff to make it as good as the renesis. I'll have more in it than what the guy is asking for the Renesis by the time I install it.


Back to building... #618 Cozy MK IV


My Cozy web pages, courtesy: Rick Maddy... :cool: WN9G :rolleyes:

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Rats! Automatic transmission... those are de-tuned and don't generate the HP of the manual transmission cars.


Turbocharging it "shouldn't" be a problem, but if they made changes to the design like higher compression, it may be a problem.


Not that I was going to pony up $4K for one... now a 20B might be a different story. :D

This ain't rocket surgery!

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