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MGS Epoxy fumes - flamable?


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I am using MGS epoxy in the building process. The other day I was in Aircraft Spruce East's facility buying supplies for my Cozy MKIV (I'm on chapter 8), where it was suggested that I use West System epoxy in the finishing processes. Upon reading the West System pamphlet, one section in particular helped me decide how to heat my garage. On page three of the pamphlet it says "NOTE! Unvented kerosene or propane heaters can inhibit the cure of epoxy and contaminate epoxy surfaces with unburned hydrocarbons." Now I'm no engineer, but it seems to me that one epoxy is not that much different than another when it comes to epoxies being contaminated during the curing process. So I will not use kerosene or propane heaters and if it gets too cold for my little space heater, I do other things like cut foam cores, shape parts, etc.


Also anyone having problems spelling can first write in Word, run your spell check, and then copy and paste into the discussion area.


Enjoy the build!

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I wouldn't use west system, i much prefer the mgs. The mgs doesn't smell and the pot life is much longer. I checked with others on this forum on sanding qualities and they are about the same.


I use west system in my home furniture shop for long potlife only because it has metering pumps on the cans and i only use about a gallon every four years in furniture.


enjoy the build



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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