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Cost effective ?


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Back in 1988 I started looking for an engine for the Long-EZ I was building. I found 4 junk planes in Trade a plane with engines. I setteled on a Tri pacer for $2,000.00 only a few states away. Took off the wings and trailered it home. I then sold plane less engine for $1,800.00. The engine was mid time 670 SMOH still good compression. mid 70's. I flew the plane for 12 years and put another 700+ hours before I zero timed it this summer. The total cost to do this was less than $8,000.00 New jugs and all the trimings. If you devide that by 12 years you come up with $683.33 a year. I dont think you can beat that for any other power plant out there. Lycsours's rule.

PS. I piss anted auto gas for 12 years. When you figure the expence of toting gas to the plane when on cross country flights and even local flying the saving after the hastle to find and fill containers, transportation back and forth to gas station for gas with no ethanol. Av gas is cheaper!

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Your math is clearly wrong, isn't this engine going to last longer than the twelve years, you are probably looking at 350 or so a year. and for those of you that don't believe that these deals are out there, you have not looked at the salvage/auction listings easily available on the net now, planes crash every day and they are all out there waiting for you to buy them, many with out prop strikes.


Time is on your side, start building and looking for the right deal and be ready to take a ride to view the engine/plane.


enjoy the build


Mike, (Continental Rules)

maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


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1 X 13b turbo rotary (reconditioned)= $1500



8200 / 1500 = 5.5


You could have reconditioned 5 times, and have had an engine of double the hp every time.


My mate has a '75 rotary mazda that still lays some serious black lines about the neighbourhood.


13bt vs 0-290? no contest!





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