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Intake Manifold

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What's the verdict on the composite intake manifold? Have you received it yet? What's the impact to the pocket book? See what you get for being the first in the bucket! I hope you have more narrative and pics on you final engine config and engine tests.


BTW; Did you go with the exhaust manifold set-up to run the vacuum gyros?


Good luck on the first run :D

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Hi Hank,

Bruce Turrentine was going to make the composite manifold, but didnt get it finished yet. I jumped ship and went with an aluminum one welded together with parts from Paul Lamar.

The welder later told me it would have been cheaper to start from scratch. Ah well. I should have the "final" tomorrow and yes, pictures etc will be on my web site when I have them. There are a few pictures of the manifold during construction there now. See the Engine chapter, Assembly.


I'm still planning on the exhaust / vacuum thing, but havent installed it yet.



I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Thanks John!


I've been ingesting all the info on Lamar's site. What a wealth of accumulated knowledge. Thanks for the link. I looked at your web site under engine and did not see a real good pic of the intake manifold. Did you us the stock intercooler or did you modify or scrap it?


Your comment on build from scratch opposed to modified existing is the path I will probably take. My bother "volunteered" doing the metal work and I gladly agreed (I'm not a good TIG welder). I will have to make templates and mock-ups for him.


Note; As for the CCF issue, I'm in for any position to retain independence from commercial/vendor intervention and control. I, like Mike, will freely contribute $$$s for this purpose (not an issue antmore). Transfer site to a dedicated server with you "DA MAN" as SA/webmaster. I take a slight issue with your vision to exploit CCF for personal (however in the future) gains and feel that this position should not be a determining factor in the path forward. I say slight because you earned and deserve some benefit for your efforts.:D

Anyway, that's my position for what it's worth! I leave the future of the CCF in your able hands and know that the direction taken will be in the best interest of all members. Rock On Garth!

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You'll get more practical real-world rotary info on the flyrotary site: http://www.flyrotary.com/


pictures of the intake under construction are at






I'm using the stock 3rdgen intercooler, but the inlet and outlet will have to be moved so it can fit in the wing root.


On the forum issue, I was simply offering to keep it alive at zero outlay by hosting it under my corporate site, much the same as Nat did. Now that Jon's come along with better resources and a "longer shoestring" this is no longer necessary or appropriate.


My main concern is that the forum goes forward, grows and becomes a central resource for future canard builders. I believe this will happen with Jon's help.



I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Cool John;


I went back to your site and found additional info that I had not seen before. I think I'll need to put my Lazy Boy recliner in the garage next to the ZOOM ZOOM machine so I can apply the approprite amount of gray matter for design engineering.


I have a vested interest in your designs so your efforts better work!:D Or should I say I have confidence that they will work.


Thanks again!

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I update the site once a week or so, depending on progress.


>should I say I have confidence that they will work.

Yes. That would be better. :)


However, before you get too confident, I'd like to point out:


Greg Richter's approach was based on the "duct it, and it will cool" theory. The result was that he flew with no cooling problems, but had a draggy airplane. He's since fixed that by removing the scoops and adding 800lb of thrust :eek:


I used the "make it fit" approach. That is to say I built the cowl for minimum drag and maximum airflow to the prop, then said "the engine has to fit under there". I had to modify the water pump and move the oil filter, curve the end of the intake, move the injectors, and the alternator is gonna be close. As it stands now, the ONLY scoop I have is the plans NACA. Paul Lamar and the NASA papers say this wont work. I hope to prove them wrong. I'm using ducts from the plenum to feed the intake, intercooler and ac condenser. I have 2 3rd gen oild coolers in series, and a large custom rad from Howe (which Greg sold to me when he couldnt get it under his Mk 3 cowl). I have a big ferrari fan in there to help with cooling during taxi, and I'm also planning to use exhaust augmentation to help suck air through the rad and past the turbo.


I'm ready to add scoops if I have to, but I'm also willing to back off on the power during take-off and climb. I'm looking for max cruise, not 3000ft/min climb. I'll settle for 2000 :D

Seriouly, so long as she can get airborne safely I'd like to keep her clean for most efficient / fastest cruise.


As for the intake design, we've ended up cutting off the injector bosses from the runners. I have a 65mm throttle body feeding the plenum from the forward end, and will use the stock primaries on the block. The secondaries are under the intake as it curves over the top, alongside the primaries. There wasn't room for them on top.


Hope this helps.

More news soon.


I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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thats way too low tech, why not just use a cork stopper??


That is elegant and it appears to work as an absolute preasure valve, not a differencial one.


Will it reseal during flight?


enjoy the testing



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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