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I am passing this along for Jack Kretmar:




Phone (609) 822 9385

I have been following theCozy website and, in particular, Mr. Jack Slade's website for some time. I am seriously considering building a Cozy Mark IV but first I would like to observe and help someone who is construcing one, just to see how difficult it is.

I live in margate, NJ, which is right near Atlantic City. Could someone contact me about this. Thank you

Regards, Nick


Charleston, SC LongEZ, N29TM, 2400 hrs


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Well thanks, but it's JOHN. Jack was my dad.


to Jack Kretmar: It's nice if you can get to see someone else's project and learn some of the techniques from them, but if you can't hook up with someone, don't worry -it's really not as hard as you might think. Dive in and get started. You'll learn everything you need to know as you go along.

I can be reached on the "other" forum http://canardaviationforum.dmt.net

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Jack Kretmar,

The plans have a built in learning curve. No previous experience is needed to start building. If you can read and follow directions, you can be well on your way to building your own Cozy. The plans are simple to follow and the construction method is E-Z. If you are ever in the Detroit Michigan area your welcome to stop by for a look see. :D

Dave Clifford

"The Metal Man" Musketeer

Vise grip hands and Micrometer eyes!!


Cozy MKIV Plans #656

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