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Ray Kouns

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I am a looking ahead a little on finishing of the plane. Just a quick

question to the group. I am working on the wings at this time and noticed that the leading edge is not as straight as i would like.(small dips)How much fill is acceptable or am i just being paranoid?

finishing of the plane has me more concerned than any thing i have done so far. Lookin at some of the sites on the net i see people putting on the fill very heavy. thank for your comments.

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Well, I have started to finish the canards and my object it to fill the low spots and make all surfaces perfecto, without damaging the glass.


So, I first lighty (i mean really lightly) sandblast to remove the shineys and then apply thickest micro, i add micro until it no longer shines on the mixing stick, make straight pencil lines every 3 or so inches and then sand with a 36 inch flat sanding board, mostly at a 45 degree angle, I move the board and roll it slightly as i go. The board stays straight to the canard but the motion of sanding is at a 45 or so degree angle.


YOU can really feel it when the shape is right and the canard templet tells you the same thing


When I reach glass, I stop and refill the areas that still have pencil lines (the low spots) and do it again.


The pencil lines really help me and I also use them in furniture building.


They can also tell you when to switch grits, when all of the lines are gone, step up a grit



maker wood dust and shavings - foam and fiberglass dust and one day a cozy will pop out, enjoying the build


i can be reached at



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