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  1. For personnel reasons I have decided to sell my cozy mark 4 project all glass work is finished and bottom of cozy is sanded this project is ready for engine mount of your choice and engine I have not primed or painted any thing yet. I have decided to sell this project for just of the cost of materials it took to build it. This project could be finished in less than one year. you can either e-mail me or call me for more information I have lot of photo's. rkouns@tabletoptelephone.com 928-685-3284
  2. kk7rk here Ray Kouns in arizona from the call are you in california can't tell these days.
  3. Ray Kouns


    could I get some help from the group I just started to put in controls and can not figure out how far cs109 is from the inst panel.
  4. Well said Norm I to had a lot of questions when I started the best thing to do is just start on page one and it all works itself out
  5. Ray Kouns


    Just wanted to know how many are building cozy aircraft in arizona.
  6. Just want to throw this out for some advice. I bought a pair of sump blisters from feather lite the don't sit flat om my wing what is the best way to make these mold to the conture of my plane.
  7. yes mplafleur the do make a mount most of the co. do.
  8. take a look at the icom radios the are still twice the cost they should be but i have a lot of experence with both icom and king the icom units are just as good and are smaller in size and are milspec to boot.King 2500.00 vs 800.00
  9. just wondering when you are skinning the strakes how did every one get the the nice bend against the body of the aircraft? I have been stewing on this for a couple of days now and it does not say much in the plans. The only thin i can think of is that when you cut the foam to make the bends it follows the curve on its own. Any comments on this.
  10. I'll will also be at the flyin this year, I will be there on sat& sun will be flyin into milwaukee on fri. getting a car and driving from there. So i will have a car if any one needs a ride.
  11. thanks jerry I am alright at the top but looks like i'll have to trim some off of the bottom to get things level. and i thought I was so careful, i did it as per plans. So you just cut it off and reglassed over it with same amout of layers of glass ?
  12. just wondering if any one else ran into the problem of having a fat spar on the ends where it butts up against the wing and how did you correct it.
  13. I am just about ready to mount the spar and would like to know if you are supposed to remove all the foam and glass off of the wood stringers? I think i remember reading something about this some time back. if any one knows this please post.
  14. Ray Kouns

    ~\ io-540 /~

    took a ride in charles Brackson Bekut a couple of week ago it has a 540 in it and he flight plans for 230 knots.
  15. Ray Kouns


    I am a looking ahead a little on finishing of the plane. Just a quick question to the group. I am working on the wings at this time and noticed that the leading edge is not as straight as i would like.(small dips)How much fill is acceptable or am i just being paranoid? finishing of the plane has me more concerned than any thing i have done so far. Lookin at some of the sites on the net i see people putting on the fill very heavy. thank for your comments.

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