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Calling all builders in the UK


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Hi Folks,


I've just decided to start building the MkIV, however I keep hitting a brick wall:


In the UK all homebuilts must be of a design approved by the PFA (www.pfa.org.uk)but the MkIV isnt, due to its design??


The LongEZ is approved but here they view the MkIV as being a widened version that hasnt been sufficiently strengthened to suit the widened fuselage.


As you can see this is very frustrating, after several emails to the PFA the only response I've had was "The MkIV is not an approved model due to lack of stress analysis" with no suggestions of help or assistance.


Can anyone help with this problem (please):(

I'll never get this project off the ground. lol :-)

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Hi Frank,


I think that Nat did do a stress analysis. He might make an exception for you and give you the data he collected to get the Cozy approved in the UK.

Then maybe more people in the UK would be interested in the Cozy Mark IV.


Nat: Did you did this kind of testing?




Miguel Carvajal

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There are ppl building in the UK, but the only one i've been able to trace is Paul Kuntz and he dosent intend to fly here. He's only building here with a view to returning to the states so the PFA rules dont really apply to him.


Nat, if theres any support you could offer it would be greatly appreciated.


I've only recently began to investigate the possiblilty of building a Cozy and have managed to locate 3x LongEZ within a 5m radius of home, the interest and the market is here for the MkIV its just that no-one has decided to push the PFA into gear or they cant be bothered with the hassle.


I intend to have the first PFA approved Cozy 4place in the UK :P

I'll never get this project off the ground. lol :-)

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The Cozy Mark IV is approved in the UK and we have a lot of builders there. Bob Allen and Keith Scull are farthest along. You mentioned Paul Kuntz. We have newer builders Shaun Phelps, Stephen Sharp, Mark Sharp, Brian Tutty, Michael Waldock, Dewayne Young and William Norton. We have Craigie in Scottland, and one or two in Ireland. E-mail me if you wish their addresses.

Best regards,


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It's true that the Cozy MKIV design is approved by the PFA (UK equivalent of EAA), but not for carrying four people. PFA Engineering is the technical authority for reviweing homebuilt designs in the UK. When they reviewed the MKIV design, they were able, on the basis of successful operation of Cozy MKIV aircraft in the States, to get approval from the CAA (UK equivalent of the US FAA) for operation as a 2-place aircraft, but not as a 4-place aircraft.


I spoke with PFA Engineering today to clarify this status, just to make sure that I wasn't spreading outdated information. They confirmed what I stated above, and explained that in order to gain approval as 3-place or 4-place aircraft, the Cozy design(s) require engineering stress analysis in full compliance with a recognized international standard. That would require satisfying either the governing sections of the European JARs, or satisfying the governing sections of the US FARs, which the CAA would then recognize. The PFA says that the rationale for this position is that the CAA sees the risk increasing substantially as the number of aircraft occupants increases.


This theme is apparent in the passenger warning placard required here in the UK. Instead of the EXPERIMENTAL label required on homebuilts in the US, the placard here says, "This aircraft has not been certified to an international standard."


Since it is extremely unlikely that Nat or any UK Cozy builder is going to pay for the full stress analysis required by the certification process, it appears that the Cozy is going to remain a 2-place aircraft in the UK until the CAA/PFA position changes. Perhaps in a few years the CAA will yield to a broader European regulatory body with a different view, but that's pure speculation on my part.


Meanwhile, the Cozy remains a great design that can be built on a reasonable budget without much in the way of special skills or tools, and can carry two people with a LOT of baggage long distances at very good speed, is very comfortable for long trips and has excellent visibility.


At the Cranfield PFA rally here in England in July I watched an RV pilot fumble and drop his kneeboard on the wing of his really beautiful RV-4. My own stomach churned at the sight of the big dent that resulted. On a Cozy, it would have bounced off with no damage, or perhaps some chipped paint, easily patched to good as new. One of the major reasons I chose the Cozy over an RV was the fact that I just can't image keeping a bunch of relatively fragile aluminum aircraft components hanging around in my workshop for the several-year building process and not end up with a bunch of discouraging dings in all that hard work.

Paul Kuntz



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Thanks Paul, You just got me fired in the right direction, my brother-in-law is an aircraft engineer and has offered to help as best he can also a few friends that i've only gotten to know through the vast network of builders on the net have asked if I can do the running then they help with what they can aswell.


After attending a PFA rally on sunday i also got some great advice from the PFA rep


We'll see what happens in the coming weeks and i'll keep you all posted.


Thanks for the help!! :-)



I'll never get this project off the ground. lol :-)

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  • 2 years later...

Rather than start a new thread I thought I tag onto this one as it seems in the same sort of vein.


I've been looking at building an aircraft and after just a few days research the choice of a Cozy seems like a "no brainer".


I'm moving to France from the UK in about 6 weeks and was looking for a project (it was going to be a Lotus Europa) and have decided that a Cozy seems much more attractive. I'll be flying back to the UK to work for 3 days a week. Maybe in a couple of years I can use my own plane!


Any advice, contacts or pointers on building in France and/or the UK would be appreciated.


Many thanks



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