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Insulating the Shop Walls

Jon Matcho


Allow me a brief introduction to this post before I get into it.  The purpose of testing the blog feature is twofold:

  1. Determine whether the 'blog' feature here is a "keeper" so it can be offered to other builders (I already have concerns).
  2. Document my build, from re-setting up shop, to my repair and build progress.

I am going to give this a few more posts along with some follow-up research for whether additional configuration and customization is necessary to bring things up to par before deciding whether to keep this feature available.  I am concerned, at present, whether the capabilities are sufficient to qualify as a valid blogging platform for members.  With this said, here we go...

I have been over-analyzing the best approach for mounting insulation on my walls, and then on the ceiling, and whether to wait until I replace (or raise) the roof above the garage.  The garage roof is flat (well, maybe with a 0.5 degree pitch) and we have been discussing for some time now the possibility of building an addition to the house on top of it, which would allow me to raise the roof.  With this in mind a constraint is that I cannot setup wall studs that are mounted to the ceiling joists.  Instead I have opted for a simple setup where I attach the foam directly to the wall, and then put furring strips on the foam.


I'm not thrilled to be drilling into these cinder walls, but expecting the roof to be pulled off from above someday leaves me with fewer options.

Regardless of the approach I settle on, insulating the shop and getting fully setup before fall/winter is one of this summer's goals.


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